Music On Hold

Music on hold with messaging is a service that allows the phone system owner the capability to create their own fully customized messages that play to callers waiting on hold.  Clients may certainly choose to play music only to callers on hold, or play beep tones, or even return silence to callers that have been placed on hold.  But many businesses choose on hold messaging to further brand their company and make callers aware of lesser known products and services.

While some businesses create their own on hold messaging programs, most businesses engage a professional on hold messaging company that is experienced in writing scripts, applying the properly licensed music, and engaging the best voice talent to represent the brand.  A good on hold messaging company will also ask questions about the phone system, as the optimal design of an effective on hold messaging program is often contingent on what telephone system manufacturer is in place, including detailed information on how that system is equipped and configured.

The critical details dictate how the messaging will actually play to the caller.  For example, it’s important to know:

  1. Will the caller hear the same messages in the same order each time they call and are placed on hold, or will they hear a cross section of messages, which is typically the preferred method.
  2. The audio file format requirements of a phone system will also dictate the general level of audio quality that can be provided.  This can often dictate what music styles are chosen to play underneath and in between messages.
  3. How easy is the phone system to update in terms of on hold messaging?  Typically, the more often the messaging is changed to reflect current services and offerings, the more effective it is as a marketing tool and resource to the business.